Moving home gym equipment

Home gym equipment topped the list of consumer purchases since March 2020, only slotting in behind (unsurprisingly) home entertainment gadgets and electronics.

When COVID hit like a ton of bricks, gyms and sports centres were forced to close their doors to customers, leaving avid gym-goers to find new and inventive ways to work out within their own homes.

In fact, two thirds of adults have been found to have exercised at home in the months since the pandemic began – many investing in their own home gym gear, from treadmills to spin bikes, barbells to dumbbells and everything in between.

And it’s not just about splashing out on equipment. Many people have transformed their homes to feed their fitness habit – opting for garage conversions and garden summerhouse gyms, enabling them to have a dedicated space at home for keeping fit.

But regardless of the amount of space you have within your home, for many, a home gym set-up has become a staple. Even if it’s simply finding a calm space in the corner of a lounge or bedroom for a relaxing yoga session, or a furniture-free area to bust those exotic Zumba moves, you can have a fully-fledged fitness centre without even stepping outside of your front door. And let’s be honest here – hands up the few who didn’t shift their sofa to join in with Joe Wicks’ weekday workouts during lockdown?

This is revolutionary, not only for regular fitness fanatics, but particularly for those who didn’t have the time or cash to use the gym prior to the pandemic. With lockdown leaving people to spend more time indoors, home gym equipment has made exercise accessible to all.

If you’re tempted to invest in a home gym facility, you’ll probably have an idea about the type of equipment you want. But whilst having your own gym gear can save you splashing out on a gym membership, buying brand-new equipment can set you back a fair deal when it comes to the initial outlay. If you’re considering investing in second-hand equipment, you’ll need to find a way to get your items home. So, if you’re wondering how to move gym equipment – read on!

The team here at SoonAs, have put together our top tips and key considerations for successfully shifting your home gym equipment.

1. Have a plan!

Whether you plan to buy new, used or refurbished gym equipment, you’ll need to have a plan for how you’ll get your items home. Will your item need to be disassembled for collection and reassembled at home? Does your item need to be packaged? What equipment is needed for moving home gym equipment? These are all things you’ll need to consider when you’re making arrangements with the seller. If you’re using a man and van service to move your equipment, the more information you can provide them with regards to the item, the better. That includes an image so they can decide upon the best way to move your item.

2. An extra pair of hands.

It’s always a good idea to have some help when you’re moving heavy or bulky gym equipment (which can notorious for squashing toes and cracking backs when not handled correctly). Don’t struggle with trying to move your equipment alone. If you’re thinking about how to move heavy gym equipment, a two-man service is ideal for offering that extra pair of hands (and saving those toes!)

If you do choose to lift and move equipment on your own, you may find the easiest way is to disassemble it, and reassemble it again once you have it in place. But using a two-man delivery service might just save you the hassle. They’ll come equipped with specialist lifting equipment to move your item, making it safe and easy to handle and load into the vehicle.

Top tip: Make use of the SoonAs chat tool to check with the driver how best to prepare your items for transit.

3. Get equipped

Whatever you’re kitting your home gym out with, whether it’s an exercise bike, treadmill or something as large as a power rack or complete multi-gym, you’ll likely need specialist equipment to move it from one location to another. This will prevent it from being damaged or from causing damage during lifting or transit.

If you already have moving equipment lying around such as rachet straps, lifting straps, a sack truck, sliders and blankets, you’re probably well-equipped to move your item. But if not, the cost of moving home gym equipment can really rack up. Booking a delivery service can save you the cost and hassle of investing in such items. Booking your delivery online is easy and the driver will come complete with the key tools needed to move your equipment safely and securely.

Kit your gym out with SoonAs

Whether you’ve purchased your gym equipment from an online selling site such as eBay, or a specialist supplier of used or refurbished gym equipment, you’ll want to arrange to get it home at a date and time that fits around you. Especially if you have a pretty hectic schedule!

If you’re open to flexible delivery – you’ll benefit from seeing the best range of bids from drivers to carry out your job. But if you have a specific date in mind, whilst you’re awaiting your new home-gym space to be created perhaps, our delivery platform can cater to you too.

With SoonAs, you can place a delivery job within a few simple steps and pick a delivery date and time to fit your schedule. It’s a fully trackable delivery service, so you’ll have complete visibility of your items in transit and when they’re going to arrive at your location.

Got gym equipment to move? Send it SoonAs – place your job today!