How to work with your own car

In recent times, the rise in domestic deliveries has seen the need for casual or makeshift delivery drivers skyrocket. Meal deliveries, groceries, online purchases and even home prescription deliveries – the convenience of having a multitude of items delivered directly to your home has sent the delivery sector into overdrive.

And whilst becoming a delivery driver with own car during the pandemic might have been a short-term lifeline for some, it has also provided the opportunity for many to embark on a rewarding and long-term career. What’s more, the opportunity of own car delivery driver jobs has meant that you don’t even need to invest in a van in order to kick-start your career as a self-employed delivery driver.

Transform your car into a money-making machine!

If the thought of a fulfilling and flexible role on the road is beckoning to you, a car delivery driver role might enable you to dip your toes in the water to trying a new career, without requiring much in the way of capital investment i.e. buying a van. You can always invest in a van later down the line if you want to open up further job opportunities such as heavy and large item delivery, car transport or motorcycle transport.

Be your own boss.

If you’ve always fancied working for yourself, a role as a delivery driver with own car access could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. You choose the hours that fit your lifestyle, even operating as a part-time delivery driver if you need to work around childcare commitments, semi-retirement or you simply want to take on additional work in your spare time to earn some extra cash!

The great thing about own car delivery driver jobs is that you can enjoy a casual role to top up your earning potential, or build it into a full-time and well-planned career – the choice is entirely yours!

Go the distance.

When you work with your own car, you’ll have the complete flexibility over the jobs you take on. If you’ve always fancied the freedom of the open road, seeing you travelling to different locations, then long-distance delivery jobs might be well-suited to you. You could find yourself journeying to a new town or city each day, when signing up to a UK-wide delivery platform like SoonAs.

A top tip when it comes to carrying out work that involves travelling greater distances, is to schedule in back load work to ensure you are earning on the way there and again when you come back!

If long-distance work isn’t really your thing, then you can find plenty of jobs within your local area that would mean you don’t even need to venture too far out of town! Opt for deliveries within your area by planning your work within your desired radius or postcode area. So, whether you choose to work within your own community to keep your mileage low, or to ensure you’re home in time for the school run – working with your own car enables you to have that greater level of flexibility.

What do I need to get started?

The right vehicle.

The great thing about being a delivery driver with your own car, is that there are no guidelines as to which car you can use. You’ll want to ensure your car is well-maintained and reliable, presentable and if it is economical too, it’ll help to maximise the amount of money you take home from each job.

If you have a compact car such as a Polo or a Mini, you’ll be ideally set to move around small parcels, packages and documents. More spacious models including SUV’s and hatchbacks can cater to larger packages and items including appliances, meaning whatever vehicle type you have there’s a job on SoonAs for you.

The right attitude.

Having the right vehicle is only part of the package. As a delivery driver you’ll come into contact with many people on a daily basis, so having a customer-first attitude is essential. With SoonAs, you’ll be rated on things that really matter to the customer – things like conduct and punctuality, so even when working from your own car, it’s important to act professionally and politely.

The right cover.

If you own or have access to a car that you want to operate deliveries with, you’ll need to ensure you are sufficiently insured to carry out delivery work. Cover for carriage of goods for hire and reward insurance allows you to deliver goods on behalf of other people, in exchange for payment.

Steer your Career

If the idea of becoming a car delivery driver sounds right up your street, take control of your career by signing-up for an online or App-based delivery job to top-up your earning potential! SoonAs offers you a slick experience when it comes to bidding on, and accepting jobs – it’s quick and easy to get started, so why not sign-up today and start earning now. Read our guide on how to become a delivery driver to find out what you need to become a fully-verified SoonAs driver.