How does furniture delivery work for online selling sites?

Over recent years, the growth of online shopping has hit an all-time high. E-commerce currently represents over a quarter of all retail sales. In fact, there’s very little that can’t be found and bought online these days – from groceries, to gadgets, to (you guessed it) furniture.

Bargain hunters head to online selling sites seeking out the best deal and looking to snap up second-hand appliances and furniture. And when looking for a bargain, it is not just the cost of the item that needs to be factored in. UK consumers have high expectations when it comes to delivery, something that online selling sites are frequently unable to offer.

Delivery costs can often sting buyers who are not online shopping savvy, especially when buying an item too large or too far to collect yourself. You may need to book a furniture delivery service, which can set you back if you don’t carry out your research.

So, when might you need to arrange online furniture delivery? And how can you be sure to get the best deal from your delivery service?

Collecting items of furniture, purchased through online selling sites, can often be quite challenging for a number of reasons:

• Heavy items or large, bulky items

Even if you are collecting an item from your local area, items such as sofas, wardrobes and dining tables can be both heavy and bulky. You might need an online furniture delivery service for items which are either too large to fit into your own vehicle, or too heavy to lift and load on your own.

• Long-distance collection

Online furniture selling sites provide great opportunities for purchasing items that might be located anywhere in the UK, but this does create challenges when it comes to getting the item home. A nationwide delivery service could be the answer!

eBay furniture delivery.

When it comes to online selling sites, eBay is a firm favourite, with 182 million active users worldwide. A top platform for online buying and selling, eBay is the go-to place when hunting for a bargain online. And among the most popular items bought and sold on eBay are home furnishings such as lighting, coffee tables and sofas.

But when it comes to buying furniture on eBay, buyers can be stung when it comes to getting their furniture items home. With over 1 million items listed on eBay as ‘collection only’, buyers may need to make their own arrangements when it comes to eBay furniture delivery.

If you’re unable to collect your eBay item in person, due to size of the item, its distance or you are simply too busy, you can find an eBay delivery service to pick-up your item and deliver it to your destination for you.

Most furniture and appliance listings, whether it’s a sofa, washing machine or a wardrobe, will contain an accurate description of the item you are buying. That should provide plentiful detail to enable you to book your online furniture delivery for your item. Having enough detail about the item helps delivery providers to establish what sized vehicle is required, meaning they can give you a more accurate quote for your job.

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Shpock, Preloved and Facebook Marketplace furniture delivery.

Aside from eBay, there are many other online selling sites you might head to when searching for a bargain to buy – Shpock, Preloved, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace to name but a few!

And when it comes to buying your new cosy couch or trendy table and chair set, you may need to find an online furniture delivery service to help get your items home.

Whilst most online selling sites provide an option to look locally for an item, you might be tempted by an item that is located much further afield. That can pose a challenge if you don’t have the right vehicle to move your item, or you simply don’t have the time to collect it in person.

Used furniture online delivery services can collect your item and deliver it to your door for you.

Here are a few things you might want to consider….

• Inspect the Images

If you plan to use a delivery service, rather than view and collect the item in person, you should take a good look at all of the images to make sure there is no damage that you are not aware of. Keeping some of the images stored, will come in handy when you’re ready to book your delivery service. Providing drivers with a visual of the item you need to collect, helps when identifying equipment required to lift and load your item safely.

• Opt for Online Delivery

If you’re lucky enough to find a freebie online, that’s great. But you could get stung when it comes to the cost of getting your item home. Using an online marketplace will enable you to look through bids from all drivers available for your job and choose the best price for you.

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