How to book a man with a van

What is a man with a van?

A man with a van can handle the collection and delivery of pretty much anything, providing that it will fit into a van – student removals, home gym equipment, furniture and appliances, even piano removals. Whether you need to shift a sofa, send some items into storage or need help moving heavy items, then a man with a van will certainly be able to lend a helping hand.

A man with a van is, quite simply, a man (or a woman) operating locally with a single van offering. Differing slightly from removals companies, based on their size, a man and van service is normally a ‘one-man-band’, offering smaller scale removals of your furniture or larger items.

Removals businesses tend to be larger in size –in terms of number of vehicles and size of vehicles– which can make them more expensive as a result of their higher overheads. And because they operate a full house moving service, removals services can be more rigid and less likely to have availability at short notice.

If you’re looking to move large items but on a smaller scale, a man with a van is most likely what you need. If you’re looking for a local man and van to move an item across town or even across the UK, you’ll find a man with a van to cover your requirements.

Man With a Van or Self-Drive?

There is an alternative to using a man and van service, and that’s to hire a self-drive van to move your items yourself. Whilst one might think hiring a self-drive van is the cheaper option, moving your heavy or bulky items without a the support of a professional can be challenging. A man with a van service will be proficient in how to correctly move and handle awkward items such as a fridge freezer or a washing machine. And what’s more, they’ll already have the correct equipment for lifting and moving heavier items. So, not only will they arrive with an extra pair of hands, they’ll also have everything needed to move your item safely, such as lifting straps or furniture sliders.

If you do opt for a self-drive option, you might want to consider pricing up key moving equipment, to ensure you can move your items without causing any injury or damage to yourself or any other property. Aside from the cost, driving a van can be daunting, especially if you haven’t driven one before. There’ll be things to consider like: do you have enough fuel for the journey? Have you secured your items well enough to prevent them from becoming damaged en-route? There’s so much to contemplate that hiring a van can become a real hassle. Leaving it to the professionals by using a man with a van service can be a big weight off your shoulders.

How much is a man with a van?

Prices for a man with a van service can vary from provider to provider, depending up on the item, the location and other factors. However, considering the many benefits of using a man with a van service, it could actually work out to be cheaper than you might think!

With SoonAs, our prices are competitive because we give you quotes from man and van providers from right across your area, enabling you to compare all of your prices in one place and saving you both time and money. If you’re looking for a cheap man with a van service, why not get a quote today?

How to book a man with a van.

At SoonAs, we’ve made it easy to book a man with a van service. You’ll simply be asked to post a few key details, such as the item description, collection and delivery postcode and your preferred delivery timeframe.

And if you’re buying or selling via an online selling site, it’s even easier. Simply copy and paste the item URL from eBay, Vinted, Shpock or Gumtree and we’ll pull across your item description automatically.

Whatever you need to move, post your job for free with SoonAs and start to receive non-committal quotes from man with a van services in your local area. When you find a quote you’re happy with, arrange with the driver the best time to move your item, accept the bid and then simply make payment.

Post your job today and start to receive quotes from man with a van providers today.